I graduated as a licentiate of the Complementary College of Homeopathy in 2007. I am registered with the Society of Homeopaths, and practice according to their code of ethics.

With many years’ experience as a community pharmacist, I am able to use my knowledge of both conventional and complementary medicine to provide an effective and practical approach.

Tell me your story in my comfortable office; it is a safe and relaxing space, where I can listen carefully. Patients say they find me approachable, easy to talk to, with a willingness to understand. I work with you, guiding and supporting you.

7 reasons to see me for a homeopathic appointment

I I come from the world of conventional medicine, having been a pharmacist for many years, I understand your medical needs.

2 I will try my hardest to find the best homeopathic medicine for you at the time you visit.

3 Using my knowledge and expertise I will work hard on your behalf.

4 I would like you to be as well as you can be so that you can get on with your work, your business, your studies, having some fun. Doing what you need to do.

5 I am the mother of three boys, I understand your concerns for your children and can empathise with how you feel.

6 I would like as many as people as possible to benefit from homeopathy.

7 I love my work.

What my clients say

  • Wendy, North Cornwall.
    "I was skeptical how homeopathy could help my little boy to sleep, I did not know how wrong I would be to doubt it"
    Wendy, North Cornwall.
  • Gill , North Cornwall

    "I started seeing Brenda in November 2007. At this time my general level of health was not good & I was walking with the aid of a stick. After working with Brenda for the past 11 months I am now walking unaided & both my health & wellbeing has improved. I find Brenda approachable, friendly & supportive.

    Brenda’s passion for her work comes across in her dedication to patients. As a patient I feel the most important thing is that Brenda cares. Her caring nature comes through in her work. She spends time with you & listens to what you say without judging and being able to contact Brenda in between consultations for support is invaluable."

    Gill , North Cornwall
  • Margaret, North Cornwall

    "I have known Brenda several years, first in her capacity as a Pharmacist, when I worked with her in Wadebridge. She has always been an excellent kind and caring pharmacist, putting her customers & work colleagues first. Since, I have considered Brenda a good friend. In November 2006 I had a breast operation which left me in considerable pain, with chronic fatigue, my energy levels were zero.

    I started to see Brenda as my homeopath in September 2007, she has brought my energy levels up helped my general health considerably and I am now able to lead a relatively normal life. Brenda is extremely dedicated and caring in everything she does. She is passionate with regarding homeopathy which shines through. She is always available to be contacted between consultations."

    Margaret, North Cornwall
  • Miss R Budd, North Cornwall.

    "I always looked forward to having a homeopathic consultation with Brenda because I felt comfortable talking to her about any problems I was experiencing. She is clever at helping me to unravel my health dilemmas with her thoughtful questions.

    She is always considerate and reassuring about my situation, however, 'strange' it may seem and then she will tirelessly track down just the right remedy for me."

    Miss R Budd, North Cornwall.